Thursday, August 24, 2006


Sabaki is determined to involve herself in dire muscidaemantic rituals. Kitties betray so well both sides of that last coin. But flies? Yuck. Well, better she than me. Let's just buzz along, down Hwy 101, which is known as the Oregon Coast Highway here in the state where things look different. Who came up with that, anyway? Maybe it refers to the Oregon State Flag, which has a different image on each side. The kitties are of two minds about this.

Back to Highway 101, which will be disguised as Friday Ark 101, and arrive nearly Friday one way or the other, thoroughly ensconced little, big-like right inside the infinitely fractal tubes that lead to Modulator's ongoing experience in animal husbandry. Check it out.

Meanwhile, this week, the metauniversally famous Carnival of the Cats #127 will be hosted at a safehouse sounding kind of place, Catymology.

Hmm, well, interesting list of books never finished and why. Earlier today I thought about Hopeful Monsters by Nicholas Mosley, which became a sludge of pretentious dreck after a few dozen pages. Sullied up my precious mental knickers.

Finishing books is over rated. Actually, the boundaries between books are overrated. How could you finish a delicious gazpacho like Campbell's Bose-Einstein Condensed Soup of Books? You can't eat just one.

LOL! I presume you mean Joseph Campbell? I didn't finish that one, either.
Ha! That's very good, and fits in exactly, in that fuzzy maths kind of way. That's cool.

I was thinking on a more mundane level, of Campbell's Condensed Soups, and of a story I did finish, hardly a novel, by ...drat. it's Head, a novella published by itself about a longeviety venture which cuts the deceased head off and stores it in orbit at very cold temperatures.

Author is male, last name starts with an 'H'. hmm
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