Thursday, August 10, 2006


Lady and Houdini Out Rolling Around. Everyone has to roll in something, I guess. I think I'm with Lady on this one.

This week, she's getting spiffed up and hitting the books, in preparation for that durable stratum of the extensive league of webagnomes shaking the firmament with a down home beat. That would be Friday Ark 99 rhythmically expounded at Modulator

The gravity of the situation grumbles from within. Kitties know that humans will feed them randomly in response to obsessive attention. Unfortunately, our dear friend in the Austra regions seems to be off her diet. I hope all is well. All the kitties send prays and best wishes to eatstuff, where many weekends one finds a marvelous Weekend Cat Blogging event. And food. The kitties like the food.

This week, Blog d'Ellison hosts the 125th Carnival of the Cats. The host is a veteran, with many fine cat herding adventures under his belt, so to speak, so hang in there, and it'll all be just purring along. Come Sunday Sunday Sunday.

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