Thursday, August 03, 2006


Lady and Houdini Out Hosing Around. Lady has been trying to convince Houdini that flooding the backyard with water will summon Friday Ark 98 that much sooner - Houdini points out the methodical madness with which the Ark Tender Modulator keeps time with the weboverse. No one is convinced.

The kitties both seek advocates from afar, beseeching venerable eatstuff for advice, and maybe a bite to eat. Lightly braised salmon with a whipped asparagus sauce, garnished with grated calimari and served with a medley of fried shellfish and peppers. Maybe?

Or Ice Cream, that's always cool.

Meanwhile, closer to home, the seeking kitties implore the inhabitants and enablers of the most fun Carnival of the Cats, this week self hosted by that lovable anal retentive at This Blog is Full of Crap, for a bit of direction or two. One. One Direction. Herding cats, that is. One.

Move along, here.

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