Thursday, August 17, 2006


Lady and Houdini both insist they weren't really playing, and really, there is only one kitty here anyway. They are very good at being innocent.

There's no need to feel innocent about Modulator's stunning achievement with reaching the big one, it's gonna be the Friday Ark 100! Yowsers! This is truly something. Mark your calenders and rent the tux two weeks in advance just to be sure. You can never be sure.

One thing for which there is a wellspring of desire for the comfort of surety, that is the expectation that the 126th Carnival of the Cats will be hosted at Red Peonies. There are eight contributors listed and the last post was over two weeks ago. The kitties are nervous.


Ok, I lost the segue logic, it was there for a few minutes. This comes next:

Is this like an Erdos Number? Did Erdos ever Friday Cat Blog?

There is also defined the Erdos Go Number, for the esteemed gentleman played that most excellent of games, Go. (That's interesting, that's the first time I've ever seen parens in an URL.)

I have an Erdos Go Number of 2, as I have played go with someone who has played go with Paul Erdos. I dish out threes for free - just ask.

How is Miss Ma(r)ple doing?

Congratulations for your Erdos (Go) number!
I wish I could REALLY play!
Maple thrives. She hasn't gained her full size yet, and she's a bit wild, in that she speeds a lot of time outside who-knows-where. But she is still very cuddly, and stays in now and then.

You can play go, get an account at and I'll play. I am veg there.
Scritches to Ms Maple and your other cats.

Thanks for the GO URL and the offer to play, but what I meant, unfortunately, is that I am an absolute beginner :-((((((, even though I am fascinated by the game.
Everyone starts as a beginner, dive in! There atre plenty of other beginners around these days.
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