Thursday, February 16, 2006


Sabaki and Tinker are eagerly awaiting the Ump-twiddly-teenth Friday Ark at Modulator! They are scarcely contained. By the skin of their teeth. It will be the 74th.

Meanwhile, checking up on the schedule at Carnival of the Cats It's the One Hundredth Carnival of the Cats! Do cats count on their thumbs? What would it be base 8? hmm, 144. Isn't that a gross? That's 12 times 12. There must be a herding cats joke in here somewhere, massage the data long enough and you'd be surprised the tricks it'll do for you. I'm looking for Elvis.

Bloggin' Outloud is the numerically adept host of this, um, what about hex? ..64! There you go, nothing else matters.

Well, of course the most important thing is to eatstuff! What's cooking today? ...well, I'm a veg, strictly plant products and machine parts, so all I can do is suggest that meat eaters should go drool. You have my proxy. Come the weekend, there will be more familiar candy, when Weekend Cat Blogging gets started. It's, um, oh, some numberth. All numbers are infinite, what the heck.

Be there! or go sketch wiring diagrams in invisible places, your choice.

Bienvenidos al 100th Carnival de los Gatos! We had over 50 submissions. Enjoy all the links along with some Feline Facts and early Carnival Flashbacks at Bloggin' Outloud.
Oh I have been missing linking you!
So so so sorry, I was abit busy this weekend........

BUT You will be happy to know, a week at least of all veggies eat eatstuff!
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