Friday, February 24, 2006


Cats are so easy, they point out the way like the docile obedient beasts they are, head right on over to Friday Ark #75 where popcorn is free and the universe is made safe for more covers of Beatles tunes, by Modulator. 'Bout time. Is that correctly spelled? Is there such a thing as a capital apostrophe?

Carnival of the Cats boldly predicts that the big cat hullabaloo will be precisely situated at animal family. Checking it out, looks like it has the chops to put purring on the map. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Meanwhile, peering down under, I have heard rumours, from the most reliable source, that I'll be drooling soon! Let's see what is cook ing this week.... at eat stuff ...WOW PRETTY! and it's oboy pizza! and WOW again, an entire week of eminently edible delectables! I better go make dinner. Come the weekend, which I think is pretty much now, down there, there will be kitties galore wondering just how vegetarian they're expected to become. please, my teeth are all wrong


I am glad you are liking the week of vegetables..... :)

No, even if I was vegertarian I wouldn't expect Kiri to be, he likes is kangasicles way too much :)
WCB is being posted as I type
Amazing that a cat can be around all that fringe and not ripping it off or chewing it up. Very well-behaved.
Yes, I was wondering about the fringe myself. It would be a goner in my house. Beautiful kitty!
I was wondering if your cat made the fringes himself? Nice claws! Beautiful cat.
Looks like Kitty is doing a nice stretch.
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