Sunday, January 08, 2006

VorchekInsists.gif - photoshopped collage entitled Vorchek Insists,

Vorchek Insists, "Reality is not a Virtual Fog of Probability Froth!"

How are you doing this sort of technique?? Just curious.
This one starts as two paper and paste collages, one with some of one of my color drawing in it. I took a photograph, one taken just to the left of this one but reversed, changed to black&white, and used as a mask on the Vorchek collage, to copy only the part that was covred by the white in the threshold-ed photo.
...copied the part which was "covered" by the black.

I almost feel like I'm cheating, it's so simple, but I spend a lot of time finding the pictures that fit together, and, for that matter, I'd post the raw materials by themselves.

I'm trying to move beyond the simple parts of photoshop.
It's the part under the white, or notshadow in the photo. Th black part corrsponds to the other collage, the background, which is a stretched version of this
Actually, it *is* the photo linked above.

Threshold, flip vertical"

Cropped, resized:

I copied the black part to the Vorchek collage, selected it, inverted the selecatiom, and copied the result to the background.

I'll figure out how to say this yet!
Shucks.. I don't get to use Photoshop like this.. mainly it's adding circles & arrows & site gage text, etc.
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