Thursday, January 26, 2006


She's watching closely, now, and I do believe the memory sings, the learned win, and the rosy predawn arouses the sense of anticipation. Carnival of the Cats predicts that POLITICAL FRED will be hosting with the mosting, noodling with the northings, and just generally entertaining the eastings with #97 but there's been no new post since 14 January, what does this portend? Search me, I don't know. I hope he's okay.

UPDATE 29 Jan 2006
Carnival of the Cats #97 has been rerouted to This Blog Is Full Of Crap.

Modulator is alive and well, and just this moment posted Friday Ark #71. Stop on by and fondle other creatures with your inquisitive eyes, it's definitely a scene to be seen, even if it has mostly not shown up yet. Check back early and often for the most perfect experience.

And I almost fear to visit, I'll ... ohgod, Blackberry Almond Cake.... I'm drooling on the keyboard. Clare, you need to get that widget that lets me reach through the monitor and have a slice! or all of it, or three. Or, gee....

Well, come the Ozzie weekend, will be delighting the funny bone of our felinaphile souls, just like they had plenty of practice or something, they know just what to do, and makes it seem so natural! Why, they're just like kitties! How do they do that? Continuing research produces more questions than answers, but forgets to write them down.

Please help.

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