Thursday, January 05, 2006


Sabaki and Lady wonder,"What the heck have Robin's and Jonah gotten themselves into now? Do you think Friday Ark #68 can get in there to save them?" Dayjob Ex Maraschino says," Hold on tight! The Coast Guard is sending Captain Modulator to the rescue!"

The log run crashes over the horizon and through the website seeking out eatstuff where Weekend Cat Blogging is bound and tied to the foremast, forced to tickle kitties! Coming soon to an Australia near you. Be the first on your block, a joy I can never experience, living on the far end of the day.

Speaking of which, at the end of a long day's journey into weekend frivolity, a relaxing exercise in which thumb wrestling and herding cats will entertain all, just order that pizza, gather around the Ed Sullivan Show, and watch Pages Turned host Carnival of the Cats #94.

Great piccy! love it :)
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