Thursday, January 19, 2006


The Foundling rminds me that it's cat time again!
The fun never ends with this soap opera of four-padded pals putzing and ricocheting, bouncing off the walls and tattered furniture, dashing and churning like sudsy little bubbles of, of, hey! ...hey! ...No! No! Not There!!

...some time passes...

Ok, got that dealt with. Anyway, rumor has it that
Yourish .com

will he hosting Carnival of the Cats #96, which number I can only count to if I use all the kitties fingers and toes.

Creswell Predicts! Friday Ark #70 will miraculously appear, fully formed from that forehead of future games, Modulator.

In between those two fabulous collections of furry indiscretions, tucked up close to Aurora Australis, the astounding clare will be hosting WCB 33 at the mouth watering I want some gelatto, oboy! And Kangaroo Creek sounds great. It's hibernation time here, snow line down to 2500 feet and pouring enough rain in the valley to close major highways.

Nothing like a kitty in the house to make life interesting ;)
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