Thursday, December 29, 2005


Robin's and Jonah at the Escher Tree

Friday Ark #67 mixes circular waterfalls and the difference of Gaussians to thrill like-minded, with aleph 1 ways to save a critter by Modulator.

I think eatstuff will find that there is only one kind of kitty. But I want to know, how to prepare geoduck? BS in geography at the University of Oregon? Anyway, Kitties Galore at Weekend Cat Blogging, coming soon, because isn't Australia my Island of the Day After?

ELMS IN THE YARD (very cool name) will be hosting the 93rd edition of Carnival of the Cats, which is 31 times 3! Shining bright in every heart on Sunday.

Geoduck? Think you eat it like sashimi as I had that before. Happy New Year.
Too funny! Happy New Year:)
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