Friday, December 02, 2005

OMIGAWD! The image server is down down down. The impact on Middle-Fork is total, and Far Cartouche will lack pictures but not the babble.

The good news is that it's moving to a hardened location, and will be back up later today.

System status is optimistic.

UPDATE: 0400 UT: The systems are back up and the identity crisis is starting to fade. I'm not yet able to load images, but other IPs are hitting the site, and as far as the log can tell me, receiving image files.

I have today's picture all ready, but there seems to be a difference between (connects quickly) and (gets lost in the ozone)

I hallucinated that Patience was one of the Three Sisters, but so far we only have Faith, Hope, and Charity. The new bulge will probably be Patience one of these days. Just hold onto your horses!

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