Thursday, August 25, 2005


Yesterday I was wandering around west of Waldo Lake and found pinesap growing all over the place. I decided to take pictures of all that I encountered. I had stopped to rest, and glancing about I saw a clump growing maybe 10 yards away, right in a spot of sunlight. Lurching to my feet, I lumbered over, lay down next to them, and got the camera all set up. Then a bee showed up! Yikes! I took pictures very quickly, and this was the best shot. Best of the bee; I managed some excellent ones of the plant when the bee was around the backside - it kept crawling out of sight. I'm not real happy with any of the photos, but this one shows the bee clearly.

Here are some photos of Waldo Lake:

Waldo Lake And The Taylor Burn
Maiden peak, Waldo Lake, And Mt. Ray
View From Fuji Mountain

And the one Pinesap picture I've posted. I have much better ones waiting their turn.

And, most important news, the mosquitoes are no longer a bother up there on the crestline. It was a stunningly beautiful day in the wilderness.

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