Sunday, August 28, 2005



This summer I've been focusing on spiders that live under and within white and yellow flowers. The Goldenrod Spider has a destinctive pink streak on its abdomen. I found them on the daisies, and on a purple flowered plant. I haven't seen any of them for several weeks.

Since then, I have found this kind of spider, which I've been unable to identify. The only spider with a similar appearance I've found in my reference books would have me living in the tropics instead of the Pacific Northwest. They've been on a whitish yellow flowering plant, and on the yellow roses.

I found the spider in the latest two pictures on Middle-Fork on the ground near the yellow rose bush. She was running around in the sun. There were a few rose petals from the next bush over on the ground. The spider would run up to one, climb on, and stay still for a few seconds - then rush off again. I placed a petal in her path and she climbed on. I carried her to a yellow rose, and snapped today's picture. A moment later, the spider scurried off the red petal into the yellow rose. I believe that spider's covering of dirt came from the bottom of the taxicab rose petal.

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